Saturday, February 14, 2009

Senator Palin ?

If she wants to run for President, it might be a good move . In my opinion I don't think she should do it, but if she wants to go for it the question will be can she win against incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski. There are two polls that completely contradict each other. The Research 2000 poll shows Palin clobbering Sen. Murkowski 55% to 31%. The KTUU poll shows that Palin losses in a landslide 33% to 57%. So it looks like the polls are not going to help us one bit, but Sarah's own words might. After the election she was interviewed by CNN's Wolf Blitzer and she was asked about the possible run. The Governor said "I just don't want to close any doors at this point. If Alaskans decide that I could be put to use in another capacity I would certainly consider it". So it looks like she is not ruling it out, but I think it is a 30% chance that she runs for Senate. One thing is certain if she runs for the Senate and wins there will be a 100% chance that she will run for President in 2012!`

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